Put yourselves in a straightjacket 
But when you're pleading 
Saying it's no cheaper than humiliation 
That's free 
That's free 
That's free

Wish list

I really want this.  Kidrobot take on Andy Warhols the invisible sculpture.


You know I know music.  This is the definitive terra nova. So ph×eakin! present

Captured something that made me think

of side breasts. That little kick of kind of fantasizing about someone. (seeing things in fumbling with instruments)

Now I'm walking with the sun in my mouth

is one of the most poetic things. Oh thank heavens for Stars, then and now my playlist re indoctrinated

Gestures and

Reticulations. Personal moments, so engaging. Seeing love. Feeling it.  This is where and how I live, in sections; you see.