This was one page,  then two,  then close together again

Rarely me

Photography of me, has since a time; been a particularly vulnerable part of me.

You make me feel more alive in the world.

Deconstructing together.

Swimming together.

This transparent yellow

Was always for you.  Just allowing the words to find me,  finding you. 

Natural static

this is in progress

make is still the verb and its resting there probably taking copious notes. 

I knew I could lose myself a little

at the bookstore found a big gem,  nerd in me and then a little Lethem I have not read ....

Just give it

I remember this moment before; as I got my groove back but I know Freddie would help on journey.  Adidas soccer socks in my converse kicks.  My mojo is breathing because of her.

Am I bad?

Not summer

but memories of and its winter in FL and I'm a grown up watching my gamoy going

Knocking on 6 years

And well first time easy cast play. Slow day *but $$$. Isaac the young intelligent and intuitive enjoyed the play
many other things not pictured here

Playful adult

Just intrigued by Freddie mercury and a well made toy.  This was cheat day Friday.  Toys and tacos 🌮🤖