Not summer

but memories of and its winter in FL and I'm a grown up watching my gamoy going

Knocking on 6 years

And well first time easy cast play. Slow day *but $$$. Isaac the young intelligent and intuitive enjoyed the play
many other things not pictured here

Playful adult

Just intrigued by Freddie mercury and a well made toy.  This was cheat day Friday.  Toys and tacos 🌮🤖

First go of it

This was the first lay of the emotional land. I have not yet pulled the masking off of most. 

This is a sentence somewhere in many places. 

Work in progress.

I would like to travel.

built to spill

Insert magical hand gesture. My first but this photo is much later than grease 2. 

That was the best anniversary day

I was confident but nervous to guide it into something special. You. That night and morning will always be .....
Tora struck a pose that has me thinking,  finding pen to paper.


Taking care of unresolved business.  Protect those you love.

Put yourselves in a straightjacket 
But when you're pleading 
Saying it's no cheaper than humiliation 
That's free 
That's free 
That's free

Wish list

I really want this.  Kidrobot take on Andy Warhols the invisible sculpture.


You know I know music.  This is the definitive terra nova. So ph×eakin! present